Thursday, April 26, 2012

Selecting Components

Components for 32 mag and 327       

       Selecting Components

 Now that you have a good single stage press, dies, scales, powder measure and assorted other tools you then need to purchase at least one good reloading manual preferably several. You should read them and study which components you need for which ever caliber you elect to reload.   Let’s take a popular caliber such as the 45 auto to start. This applies to any other caliber chosen.  You need to buy components specific to that caliber. For instance for the 45 you need cases, 45 auto bullets ( not 45 Colt) powder and primers. This is where the reloading manuals come in handy. They will guide you toward products that are safe and useable for your specific caliber.

 Cases can be bought new or ones that you have already fired. In any event they should be inspected and cleaned, with a tumbler, which will allow you to find any defects such as splits. You need a specific type of powder for which the manual will help out on. The wrong powder will cause bad or dangerous ammo so that selection is very important. Bullets should be specific to gun and caliber used for best results. Primers come in two sizes, large and small. Then they come in handgun and rifle and are further broken down to standard and magnum. For most 45 auto rounds a large pistol standard primer is fine. There are a few cases that take small primers which can cause a problem if you mix them. I recently wrote on my blog about that subject.

 Do not try to be cute by using components other then what is recommended because that will generally cause you problems. Being cute will give you a chance to be well acquainted with a bullet puller. Stick with loads recommended by   the manuals. If you notice that I talk a lot about reading you are right. Failure to understand what components you are using and why will generally get you in trouble. Once you buy you components then you are ready to proceed.

 The single stage press should be securely mounted on a good work table with enough room to have a measure, scales and other assorted equipment in the same area. Good lighting is essential.  Most manuals will inform you how to set up your press and dies which will help you get started. All facets of reloading demand 100% of your attention at all times and if you are not willing to put in the effort then you might want to consider buying your ammo off of someone who is. Reloading is a safe and enjoyable hobby and if done right will give you many hours of pleasure and good ammo. 

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