Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bulk Ammo

45 auto used in testing Fiocchi Ammo

Bulk Ammo
Recently I ran across a website that sells ammo. You might wonder what the big deal is as lots of sites do just that. They have a large selection of calibers and brands of all of the common calibers you might shoot. If you go to their website you can get a list of their products. They also list how many of each item is on hand so you don’t get stuck with back orders. They have a nice selection of the common calibers as well as several leading brands. You will find that their pricing is quite attractive usually lower then some other retailers of bulk ammo.

They sent me a tin of Fiocchi ammo called Canned Heat, in 45 auto in 230 grain hard ball. The idea of ammo being stored in a tin is a novel one. For storage it should be ideal. I have shot Fiocchi ammo in various calibers and found it to be a quality product. The 45 ammo was no exception. Advertised velocity is 830 but mine chronographed at 892 and was very consistent. I used a 5” Rock Island 45 for the test. Accuracy was also good. By the way like some other brands they are going to small pistol primers. While they will work just fine you will have to look out for them when loading assorted 45 brass. They also have rifle ammo of various calibers so for the hunter or target shooter you might find a good source of ammo there. There is also some shotgun ammo available. Rimfire in the 17 and 22 calibers are also available. They also put various items on sale which changes every so often so it would behoove you to keep an eye out on their site. The already attractive pries are reduced more on the sale items.

New Fiocchi Canned Heat Bulk Ammo

Their website is easy to navigate which is important for me as I don’t like to spend a lot of time fooling with a hard to understand site. Their customer service is excellent as well something lacking in some other companies I have dealt with. You can set up your own account which will make it quicker and easier to order your ammo. If you are looking for good deals on bulk ammo I would strongly recommend that you give these guys a try.

Shooting Black Powder Rifle

If you want a real comprehensive reloading book that has a lot of info not found elsewhere look no further. Reloading From Another View ll is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as e-books. You need a kindle or nook to download it. It has a lot of info on antique guns and loads.


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