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Burris Scopes

A good combo. A Burris  3 X 9 X 40 on a Ruger model 77 in 243
                                 Burris Scopes

  One of the well known scope makers Burris sent me a Fullfield E which is a 3 X 9 40 mm illuminated scope. This particular item is matte black, which I like. Shiny scopes have no place in the hunting field as the glare can warn off your potential trophy. It is relatively compact for its features making it handier. There is a ballistic Plex E 1 and a chart to help you set the scope for the optimum range you plan on shooting at. The chart can be helpful at extended ranges that may occur in some hunting situations.  The owner’s manual comes in several languages, is pretty detailed, and should answer most of the questions you may have. There is a warranty on their products just by filling out the card and mailing. Burris has quite a complete list of optical related products so a visit to their website would be advisable.  There are quite a few makers of fine scopes so for a company to stay in business they have to produce a quality product and back it up with good customer service. My experience with The Burris company indicates that they are serious about their product’s quality and customer service.

Due to good optics (Burris scope) and an accurate rifle good groups are the norm

 The model I received was mounted on a Ruger model 77 in 243. This particular rifle is known for its accuracy, which I wanted to be able to test the scope and not worry about accuracy problems.  I was interested in testing the scope not the gun. The gun looks rough as it were singed in a fire but was not harmed in any way. Our public range is a perfect place to test it as I can go out to 300 yards, which is about all the distance I intend to shoot. Another thing I wanted to do is test it with different lighting conditions and set at different powers. The optics performed well at all the tested ranges and lighting conditions, something I would expect from a quality scope. The clarity and resolution was excellent at different ranges and lighting conditions.  Of course, it can be adjusted for short to longer ranges as needed.  I have taken it out in the desert as I intend on some coyote hunting and I wanted to see how the Burris would pick up various things and help out with the terrain. With fast moving animals a good scope is vital to success. 

 The E1 Fullfield is a 3 X 9 X 40 and has a reticle that can be lit up in red. The brightness is adjustable and if you move it from poor light to a brighter spot, the red light goes out. That is a nice feature to save on the battery life. Also if you are hunting in varying conditions you don’t have to stop and adjust your lighting situation according to the light.     The crosshair is a fine + type with lines for varying distances. The fine crosshairs enable the shooter to hit small objects at long distance and the red lighting enables us to shoot in poor light. That is something that would be very difficult to do with a fine line crosshair without lighting. I have lost more than one fine crosshair in poor lighting conditions which a lit reticle will prevent.  Since the 243 is a good long range gun capable of hitting small targets this scope is a perfect match. With top loads the gun is capable of ½” groups at 100 yards and this Burris makes it easier to obtain these results.  The E1 series of scopes has various models options. They have a 6.5 X 20 X 50 for those who need the ultimate long distance optics. There is a verity of crosshairs for various tastes. One thing I like about the website is you can look at each style of crosshairs so you can make the best selection for you before you make your purchase. Selecting crosshairs and other features is a personal thing and if you can get a good look at the product that is a big plus.     For more info you can go to     

A close up of the Burris 3 X 9 on the 243

 The website is very informative and I would advise a buyer to look it over as they have other products such as rings, bases and spotting scopes. When you go to the site, you can click on various countries so if you live in Spain the info is in Spanish. Since this is an international company that is a good feature.   There are sights also not to mention handgun model scopes. There is a complete price list and while they are not the least expensive scopes on the market, the quality is there and they have a good warranty. I found the prices reasonable for what you get. If you are looking for some good optics, the Burris line deserves serious consideration. Most consumers don’t mind paying a little more if the product is a quality item backed up by the company. No worries with the Burris on that end. Would I trust my Burris on a hunting trip?  You bet!   


Burris used in this review


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