Monday, July 21, 2008

Crimson Trace Night Sights

A 44 magnum with Crimson Trace Laser Grips

Crimson Trace Grips
In this world we live in unfortunately sometimes we can be a victim of a crime. Someone can break into your house at night with bad intentions in mind. The burglar has the element of surprise as he isn’t going to call ahead of time to let you it’s your turn to be robbed. If you live in a state where you are allowed to protect yourself and your family consider yourself fortunate. Some areas of the US don’t allow that option. Anyway if you choose to protect your family then you need a handgun that is powerful enough and utterly reliable. You need to get proficient with it as well as other adults and other responsible and trained family members. I recommend a lot of practice with it with and without the laser grips on. That way if the unthinkable happens you will be prepared. Since you are in a situation where the burglar has the advantage of surprise you need an edge. The Crimson Trace products give you that needed edge. My model 19 sits in my night stand and I have complete confidence in the Crimson Trace grips being reliable.

One thing that I found extremely valuable is the Crimson Trace Laser Grips. They are extremely easy to snap on and feel like the original grips. When you grab the gun the grip lights up automatically because there is a button on the grips that is activated when you grip the gun. It projects a red dot about the size of a quarter which is easy to pick up. It will definitely help you hit the target. Another feature is that if a housebreaker sees that dot on his body he may give up without a shot being fired. They know what that dot means. They make the grips for many of the more popular guns and you can check the website for availability. They are always coming out with new models so it pays to keep their website handy. They have a couple of rifle models also. They are well worth the price as they can give you the life saving edge that you need. They fit the gun and are comfortable to shoot. They have tiny and I mean tiny screws in the grip for adjustment. Like any other sights they have to be adjusted for windage and elevation. An Allen wrench is supplied for that task which isn’t particularly hard.

A burgler's view of the red dot

I also found that they can be handy for night hunting. My S & W model 629 has a set and they are there to stay. I tried them out at night and my shooting definitely improved as I was able to shoot decent groups in spite of the darkness. Also I was shooting heavy loads and in spite of the recoil the grips were comfortable. Even the 310 grain bullets that I shoot in that gun are relatively comfortable in spite of the recoil. Whoever designed those grips knew what they were doing. They will be great for hog hunting at night. I tried them in the woods and the dot showed up well in every background as long as it was dark. They will give you confidence to hit a game animal in the dark.

Although they work fairly well in cloudy weather during the day the sunlight renders then useless but you should only need regular sights anyway. They have two batteries that easily slip into the grips as well as a button on the bottom to shut them off during daylight. They are a valuable addition to any handgun that may be used at night. I would recommend them on any handgun that may have to be used at night for serious social purposes. To check out their product lines go to
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