Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rimfire Ammo

Rimfire Ammo
With the resurging interest in old guns there is one area that the ammo makers are missing out on. That is the rimfires of yesterday. The rimfire was the first modern looking ammo to come out in 1858 by S & W as a 22 short. During the civil war others started to make an appearance namely the 44 Henry & 56-52 Spencer. They were used in the Civil War to an extent. For many years they were popular in various rifles and handguns from small revolvers to rolling blocks. Many people used them for small game hunting and target practice. There are quite a few guns out there that need this ammo but none is made on a regular basis. Calibers such as the 25,30,32,38 and 44 calibers need to be made to satisfy the market. If someone would do it they might hit a gold mine. There are a couple of foreign calibers such as the 10.4 Swiss Vetterli and the 12 X 42 just to name a few. I am in the ammo business and I get calls and inquiries about these all the time. The only way to get some one interested is for everyone to contact the ammo factories and ask about getting them in production. You can start with Winchester and Remington as they both made rimfires at one time and may still have the tooling in a basement. Without those calls it will never happen.
Bob Shell

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