Friday, January 28, 2011

Powder trickler

Powder Trickler
Recently I had an opportunity to test an electric powder trickler. With certain course powders in order to get accurate measurements it is necessary to run it through a measure then trickle the last couple of grains in order to get consistent charges. Powders such as 4198 or 3031 are course and difficult to get consistent charges from a conventional measure. That is where this unique product comes into play.

UniqueTek offers this neat trickler plus many other novel products for the shooter and reloader. They seem to find products that while necessary for us shooters aren’t found in many other places. They have aftermarket items to make your Dillon work better. I have those on mine and they do indeed help out. They have other stuff including cleaning products that work well. I strongly recommend that you check out their website and see for yourself what they have to offer.

The Omega 2-Speed Electric Powder Trickler has several good features. It has a two speed motor that precisely meters the powder according to our needs. It has a heavy base that won’t slide but doesn’t take up excessive room on a reloading bench. It uses two AA batteries to power it. The 4½” long discharge tube is cut at an angle so you can see the powder coming out. It is adjustable for height and can rotate 360 degrees. It is a well made unit that should last for many years of use. I use it with various powders and it always meters well and stopped precisely where I want it to. For someone who uses course powders I can definitely recommend this unit for the uses it is designed for. It will save time and frustration when dealing with those course powders. There is a warning not to use black powder or substitutes as static electricity can ignite black powder. It is a worthwhile addition to any loading bench. For further info go to

Bob Shell

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