Sunday, February 13, 2011

Speer # 14 Reloading Manual

Speer # 14 Reloading Book

Speer # 14 Loading Manual

There are many loading books out there and for the most part they contain a lot of good info. Speer has been producing loading manuals for a long time and in 4/07 they came out with the number 14. It has been reprinted a couple of times indicating its popularity. There is a good reason for the many copies that were and are still being sold.

Page from Speer Manual showing details of cartridges

It has 1149 pages full of must read material for the advanced and beginner alike who want to handload their ammo. It covers all of the modern cartridges that are in production as of the time that it was written and covers a few of the odd ball numbers such as the 9 mm Largo. The history and description of each cartridge is extremely complete and covers any item that you are likely to run in to. For certain cartridges such as the 32-20 and 45-70 it goes into different levels of loads for the guns that were produced many years ago as well as modern weapons. I can tell you that a lot of hard work and research went into this book. They have good drawings and dimensions of all of the cartridges listed which in itself is a valuable asset. It goes into all of the dos and don’ts of reloading. Safety and problem issues are also dealt with in detail. If you are having a reloading problem chances are the answer is somewhere in the Speer book. Of course the data is for Speer bullets and they wisely advise the reader to reduce a little if another brand of bullet is substituted. Since they are part of the same company they recommend RCBS loading products and molds which is another quality brand.

View of RCBS chronograph