Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cartridge Conversion Guide Book review

Cartridge Comparison Guide

There is a lot of information out there regarding cartridges and their dimensions and features. Unfortunately a lot of it is either outdated or inaccurate. Some of the other info out there might be hard to understand by a layman. This well researched book is written by Andrew Chamberlain

I ran across this guy at the POMA convention recently and he has written a book on cartridges and the information pertaining to them. I have seen quite a few books on this subject but he approaches it from a different angle. It starts with an explanation of how to select a cartridge for a specific purpose. It details who should use what cartridge based on such factors as purpose of use and recoil. The details are very comprehensive and clear. Anyone should be able to understand the text. It also contains a glossary to help anyone who isn’t clear on some of the terms used. Pictures are sprinkled through out which gives a face to the info provided. Then it goes to what to consider when selecting a round such as conditions, range, accuracy requirements and other factors a shooter may look at.

If you like tables and graphs then this book is for you. There are over 100 pages of tables in small print that covers grouping of calibers by caliber, energy, velocity and recoil. They also cover energy efficiency, sectional density, bullet momentum and recoil energy.
All of the modern cartridges are covered and if you want to know anything about your hunting load this is the read that will help you out. I am in total awe of how much time and effort was expanded to compile these tables. Bullet brands are also covered. I can’t imagine anyone reading this book and not knowing the pertinent info on his favorite cartridge.

After you get through with the tables they have a chapter on identifying an animal’s physical characteristics and describe which bullets and calibers work best for a particular application. They go into bullet behavior with a clear explanation of what to expect with certain bullets. Components and parts of a bullet are described in good detail which would be a great help to a beginner. Special purpose bullets and wound channel information is also described. Penetration and expansion of various bullets are written about extensively. In flight bullet behavior as well as effect of various calibers is gone over in detail. The book goes into cartridge names and recoil energy among many other things. There is so much info in this guide that it is hard to cover in a review. It is not a reloading manual for various reasons.

There are charts showing bullet drop at various ranges and other useful info that a shooter may need. With this book you can figure out the energy of your bullet at various ranges. By the time you finish this book you should have a good understanding on ammo nomenclature and behavior.

It is evident that a lot of research and work went into producing this book and I would give it an A+ for anyone who wants a lot of good info on their favorite cartridge. For more info you can go to to buy a copy. At $24.99 it is a bargain

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